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iOS & Android Mobile App for Autoportal.ua

Mobile App for Ukrainian site Autoportal.ua.

The application of the AutoPortal.ua is a convenient tool for finding new / used vehicles, as well as car dealers.
The most comprehensive catalog of new cars and a huge database of more than 300,000 listings will help you find the car of your dreams. The application is equipped with a convenient system for search and selection of cars.

Apps support all the functionality of the web-based service and much more. With this app, users can find auto, compare prices and description.
And the most exciting feature - user can take pictures of car and add blurb to the site easily and fun, using mobile app.

iOS & Android Mobile App for InSales.ru

Mobile App for Russian e-commerce service InSales.ru.

You're selling on the Internet and deliver orders to customers? InSales provides a platform for professional online shops and useful services and applications that make sales on the Internet more convenient and efficient.

Download the free application InSales, to manage your online store.

Mobile App allows you
  • Access to your shop orders anytime, everywhere, using smartphone
  • Search orders
  • Add orders to Favorites for future quick access or offline viewing
  • View detailed order information

iOS & Android Mobile App for Technoportal.ua

Mobile App for Ukrainian service TechnoPortal - is a service, which allows you very quickly find goods and gives you all the conditions for really qualitative choice.

With mobile app convenient:
  • Select goods from leading Ukrainian online stores.
  • Use quick and accurate search
  • Compare prices
  • Disconver all the advantages and disadvantages of your desired product, read reviews of our audience
Mobile access to TechnoPortal- it is the key to really qualitative goods selection

iOS & Android Mobile App for Vint.com.ua

Mobile App for Ukrainian online store Vint.com.ua gives you easy access to product catalag

Using App you can:
  • Select goods from catalog
  • Search any section of the catalog
  • Search in the full store
  • Watch deatailed product onformation
  • Add goods to the cart and order them

iOS Mobile App Simple BMI

Mobile App Simple BMI

[Under Construction] iOS App Annotated Chess

Mobile App Annotated Chess allow users to view chess game with grandmaster's comments.
Users can find any game from online chess games base, view it, add to favorites, etc.

[Alpha version] iOS Geo Location Based Game

Gameplay based on user position on the map.
Every user has "current energy" and "max energy".
Players can attack each other, defend, etc.
Game concept similar to Ingress from Google.

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